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Jon’s coaching is like anything worthwhile, both challenging and meaningful. He creates an environment of intense reflection leading to personal insights and growth. I found his philosophy of "happy here, happy there" very powerful. His work has helped me to establish a natural inner confidence, a greater presence in my work, and a stronger alignment between what I am passionate about and where I spend my energy.

JL, Marketing Exec

I have worked with coaches and mentors in the past but the most valuable input and support has come from Jon. He quickly formed a good rapport with me and offered the right balance of challenge and questioning, opening my eyes to opportunities and alternative ways of approaching those issues.  It has really helped me to tackle some of the big issues in my professional and personal lives. I would strongly recommend him.

Local Authority Chief Exec

"I have achieved a heck of a lot in a really short space of time and had the courage to do things that had previously eluded me for months.  The insight and momentum I have gained through coaching sessions with Jon is massive . I would strongly recommend anyone who is feeling stuck or overwhelmed, or who just wants to get their stuff done, to sit down with him  and experience 'the magic' for themselves!"

TR, Speaker & Coach

"I was sceptical about coaching but had been recommended it and was about to make a huge career decision. I was impressed by Jon's warmth and considered approach. It was truly enlightening. Jon provoked me to look at my life as a whole from a completely different perspective. It helped me realise what I should do, without actually telling me what I should do. I couldn't recommend Jon highly enough."

MS, Barrister

"I was stuck in a rut in my job. Jon helped me focus on a goal and navigate towards progress. His calm, cool and methodical style and ability to inspire me to come up with my own solutions was very helpful. I now feel more confident and am moving forward with more self belief and focus. I am always grateful to him and will keep in touch"

LH, Government advisor

I was feeling stuck and frustrated in my work. I felt that change was needed but I didn't know how to go about it or where to begin.  Jon listened, reflected and helped me sort out in my own mind what I wanted and what it was that was stopping me. He helped me to get a different perspective which gave me the impetus to make the changes I needed to make. I would highly recommend it to anyone who knows they need to make change.

RA, Medical Registrar

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