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making mindsets MAGIC

Creating the conditions

for minds to thrive

for individuals, organisations and for life


“There is a great, untapped source of sustainable energy.

That which lies within each of us”. Jonathan Downes


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How I help

Imagine how your life would be, if most of the time you were living from an abundant well of inner energy coupled with a deep sense of peace. Really, just take a moment and imagine it. Now replicate that across your organisation. What impact could that have on you, your teams, your customers and community? On your costs and contribution?

I’ve felt first hand the disorientating impact of mental ill health on the quality of my life, relationships and work. I’ve also experienced the power of timely and effective help and having the tools and skills to experience amazing mental health most of the time.

What I’ve learnt and applied over the years from some of the best in the world in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and spirituality is contained within the MAGIC Mindset ® programme.

I help organisations and individuals take a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing offering tools and guidance in creating the conditions for minds to thrive.


For organisations 
Mental health and mindset have a fundamental impact on employee engagement and effectiveness.


I help people gain self-awareness, understanding and skills to better manage their own thinking to improve contribution and satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of experiencing the most common mental ill health conditions.

This reduces the cost and disruption of high staff turnover, the financial and human cost of absenteeism, and hidden cost of presenteeism. 

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For organisations

But that’s just the beginning. The real opportunity is in staff engagement and alignment with the organisational outcomes. The right mindset supports quality interactions with colleagues, customers and the community.

The MAGIC Mindset ® and the MAGIC Mindset ® Programme are the tools that deliver organisational change.

Get in touch and see how we can make a difference together. I'm available for virtual keynotes, conferences or consulting around Amazing Mental Health and creating the conditions for minds to thrive.



Coaching with me

Like many people I started using a coach when I had a problem but quickly realised coaching has the ability to improve the quality of life for everyone all of the time.

When coaching I create a relaxed, safe, fun but focused environment and engender honesty by being honest. I like to get to the story behind the story and I’m tenacious in working through incongruence.

My MAGIC Mindset ® model draws on coaching practice, psychology, neuroscience and spiritual learning. I use it to facilitate self-awareness, self-management and self-actualisation ie. knowing who you are, how you work and what you want.

I’ll help you take responsibility for yourself and your relationships with others. To set and progress sustainable growth goals that build from acceptance and abundance rather than inadequacy or unhealthy competition, ensuring checks, timeframes and accountability along the way. As far as possible, I’ll give you the skills to coach yourself over time.

My approach is particularly effective with but not exclusive to senior leaders with a technical background or serving in technical industries.

I love the transformation and impact of coaching and the ripple effect into the lives of those we love, lead and serve. But ultimately, coaching is better experienced than explained. Whether with me or someone else, don't leave it too long!


Coaching with me

MAGIC Mindset ®

The MAGIC Mindset ® Programme is a proactive, research based, modular approach to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. It helps organisations create the conditions for minds to thrive, improving employee engagement, contribution and job satisfaction, which translates into a more productive workforce and happier customers. Through three impactful modules, VIBE, Thrive and MAGIC, it delivers simple, applicable and memorable concepts that inform and support managers and empower staff to take responsibility for their wellbeing.

MAGIC Mindset

About Me

I trained as a mechanical engineer, which surprises most people until I explain the two questions that drove me then and still drive me today: “how does it work and how can I make it work better?” 

What started off in solving design challenges in the automotive industry quickly turned from parts, to process and system, to projects and people. Following a brush with ‘the dark side’ (by which I mean a mental ill health episode) it became personal, how do I work and how can I help myself work better?

My core value is love and like many, when those we love most are impacted by mental ill health we seek ways to help. These are some of the reasons mindset has become my passion and why I’m on a mission to raise the baseline of wellbeing.

Keep in touch through my newsletter. Or reach out if you’d like to know more.

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About Me


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"Creating the conditions for minds to thrive. For individuals, organisations and for life".

"Raising the baseline of wellbeing".


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making mindsets MAGIC

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